Personal Information Usage and Protection

In accordance with the full enforcement on April 1st 2005 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Kauli Co., Ltd. (referred to as 'we' hereafter) has made public statements on our privacy policy as follow:

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
We use personal information such as addresses, names for the following purposes:
a) Verifying registrant's qualification for using our service, and/or contacting him/her
b) Sending newsletter on our business operation and/or new products
c) Complying with government's request of information disclosure
However, in the event a registrant is discovered to have falsified his/her personal information, an immediate investigation into the registrant will be made. The consequent result could be the termination of usage of the personal information concerned.In such case, the registrant will be informed about that termination. However, if the processing cost for such termination is considerably large, an alternative measure will be made.

2. Contact
If you have any inquiry on personal information, please contact our Support Center (