About Media Partners' Service

First time in Japan! Increase your income with RTB

RTB is the abbreviation for Real Time Bidding. This service allows advertisers to place bids for their ads in real time and according to users' characteristics.

RTB requires highly developed technological know-how in processing bids in real time and delivery of best-match ads. We are proud to be the pioneer of this service in Japan.

RTB-integrated ad frames are capable of displaying ads with the best rates by time. That means, if there is an ad with more favorable ad revenue at any time, it will be updated in our system and displayed in your ad frames.

RTB frequently scans for ads with best offered rates, so it always helps media partners maximize their ad revenue expectations.

Maximizing Ad Revenue from Multiple Ad Networks

Our system frequently reviews Ad Networks so that the Ad Network with the best expected ad revenue will be selected. As a result, every ad frame always has the best expected ad revenue.

Frequency-based eCPM Graph

You can maximize your ad revenue by simply adding other Ad Networks' ad tags in Kauli Ad Management section. Major Ad Networks can be selected by ticking their corresponding boxes.

Conventional ad servers use eCPM-based rotation. We, however, do not use this method in managing vacant ad frames. We use special algorithms of our own to calculate viewer's frequency, based on which we deduce revenue forecasts. Therefore, selected Ad network is always the most effective one.

Our optimization algorithms are especially effective for Japanese websites

We apply our own algorithms and technological know-hows in analyzing website's contents and deduce its characteristics and attributes.

For example:

  • For promotional or forex websites, we analyze their contents and their users' behaviorss then produce corresponding summaries by domain
  • We analyze referrer key words
  • We make a priority for users having a history of clicking ads

Besides, we also provide optimization service in paralleled quality compared to other foreign providers.

Usage from ad server is also possible

Although we do not provide any adserver function in Ad Management, we can assist you maximize your revenue on vacant ad frames. What you need to do is simply inserting a Kauli's tag into vacant ad frames of other providers.

If you have a high quality website and are displaying ads of only one advertiser, please try this method. If you do not have any ad of such kind, you can also try this by inserting a Kauli's tag into your webpage's source code.

This service is totally free to use

There is no limitation for maximum impression frequency, and no fees applied. However, if you wish to use this service without selecting Kauli Ad Network, service usage fee will apply. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Continuous use will help maximize revenue expectation

Hovering cursor on to the ad frame is recognized as an "expected click," based on which we make forecast on view frequency and attraction likelihood in order to make better ad delivery. This is our own technology.

This means, even for less popular Ad Networks, ads are displayed effectively.

Impressions in Ad Frames

Our service calculates frequencies of ad delivery to ad frames as the number of impressions. This method may differs from that of other services.

Media Registration Method
It takes only several minutes to complete registration.
After you agree with the Agreement of Usage and fill in required fields,
an instruction e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Click the URL attached in it to complete the registration.