Maximize ad revenue from multiple Ad Networks
Our philosophy is to select the Ad Network that has the most ad revenue potential for each type of audience. With Kauli, you can select your favorite Ad Networks and run them simultaneously without any fuss.
Revenue Optimization Mechanism

eCPM GraphKauli works by selecting and posting advertisement automatically based on user's browsing frequency that is expected to gain the highest benefit. To respond domestic`s major advertisement network, we are calculating the expected benefit for each advertisement network by using a machine learning algorithm that has been developed by Kauli originally.

Increase your revenue opportunity with RTB

With RTB, advertisers are able to bid for their ads according to users' characteristics in real-time. Once a Kauli ad frame is placed on a website, RTB will do the rest: it scans for ads with the best offered rates and immediately deliver them on to ad frames under our management. So revenue opportunity generated by RTB is always the best.

Advertisers-friendly cost effective ad delivery service

We also provide direct ad delivery service to ad frames under our management. When applying service, your ads will be processed so that they will be displayed at the best timing for viewer attraction. So you do not have to pay for inefficient display frequencies any more. We apply our special algorithms in directing your ads to the best-fit websites and audience. Registration is very easy and costs just a few minutes.